Connecting the smart home by innovative software solutions, enabled via service providers

Solutions for your smart home

Seliro designs and develops software solutions for smart connected homes. Our software solution Ensemble addresses products such as wi-fi routers, wi-fi extenders, mesh systems and fiber termination boxes. It optimizes the performance of the devices and enables them to host third party applications. We also offer a smart home device monitor and management software called Maestro.

Our customers are Internet Service Providers and manufacturers of smart home devices. By having design and development of device software as well as management solutions under the same roof, Seliro’s solutions are optimized software packages from all perspectives: ODM, ISP network operations, ISP customer care and consumers.

Software solutions for the connected home

Managed Wi-Fi mesh

People living in connected homes expects reliable, secure high capacity broadband internet in every room. As people are predicted to keep working from home and relay on smart connected services, demands on wi-fi mesh will increase.


Personalized services that are easy to use makes for loyal customers. Our management and monitoring ACS solution Maestro can collect user data which will help service providers of smart connected home to develop their service and offer excellent customer care.


Connected home users want easy-to-install devices and new, innovative services with at a regular cadence. Service providers need to provide a continuous flow of business offerings, with fast time to market (TTM) and preserving low total cost of ownership (TCO). Ensemble enables this to service provides, as it is a single, unified and managed software platform for the full connected home business.

New and increased use of OTT services calls for better Wi-Fi

In an ever-growing connected home market, providers of smart products and online services – OTT players – are thriving. But as the number of users and connected devices throughout the home increases, the need for a better Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire home is becoming more important than ever.



Value add application provider

Seize the full opportunity of the Seliro software and SDK platform

Chipset and hardware supplier

Benefit from the Seliro software solutions for connected home devices

Seliro has been very forthcoming – great communication and always eager to identify and take responsibility for what needs doing.

Mathias Utterström

The great opportunity of the connected smart home can only be captured if you control the software.


As we provide equipment that can be managed remotely, we can offer our customers better quality of service from end to end.

Rex WM Hui


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