Your New Software Partner Is Born

Press Release, Stockholm, Sweden, June 6, 2018

Your new software partner is born

We are proud to announce the launch of Seliro AB.
Seliro may be a new name in the business, but our founding team is filled with extensive experience from the telecom-, broadband- and software industry.

Seliro launched with the primary purpose to address the ever-growing demand for software solutions within a smart home environment. Our focus and dedication will be on the development and enhancements of software solutions, platforms and management systems within the Broadband, Smart Home, Wi-Fi MESH and IoT segments.

Seliro’s mission is to enable broadband- and mobile operators to offer a new set of services to their end-consumer market. Our software platforms for end-user devices and carrier network operations centers are designed to effectively facilitate new potential revenue streams, increase efficiency and reduce operational cost. 

The software platforms are designed to be hardware agnostic, open, secure and standardized (based upon Open Connectivity Foundation directives) to enable operators and other clients to add unique applications, features and integrations on top of the delivered solution.

With its present portfolio and already well-established position on the market, Seliro will be well equipped to maintain and further develop our successful relationships with global operators and partners. 

With the vision of a connected home where end-users in a seamless and secure way can manage their complete service and device environments, Seliro will continue to develop partnerships within the eco-system and continuously build new values for our clients and stakeholders. 

Jonny Wetterborn, CEO at Seliro – “In this new set-up we are able to address the already existing installed base, as well as new clients, in a more effective way. The whole idea with Seliro is to create an environment and structure where we can address actual market demand today, while simultaneously maintaining focus on our core and continue to scale our business.” 

Johnny Sommarlund, Chairman at Seliro continues – “Seliro’s product portfolio is among the most interesting on this market today and equipped to both advance and facilitate the development of the connected smart home environment. Combined with the extensive prior experience in the founding team and the scalability of the software, Seliro is well equipped to establish a strong market position. “     


For further information, please contact:

Jonny Wetterborn, CEO
Phone: +46 73 961 8503, e-mail:

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