Seliro Launches High-Performance Managed Wi-Fi Mesh Solution for Residential Networks

Press Release, Stockholm, Sweden, October 02, 2018

Seliro Launches High-Performance Managed Wi-Fi Mesh Solution for Residential Networks

Seliro, specialists in device and management software for broadband operators, today unveiled their innovative Managed Wi-Fi Mesh software solution, developed on the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform, significantly improving operator-centric broadband solutions for the residential mesh networking market.


Firmly established within the telecommunications industry, Seliro develops high-performance software and management platforms that empower operators to improve user experience for the smart home ecosystem and other connected devices. By integrating with the Qualcomm® Mesh Networking Platform by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Seliro can now offer their operators a managed mesh Wi-Fi solution, designed to deliver robust and consistent connectivity in every corner of the household, centralized management and security, and a range of features essential for carrier-grade networks.

Seliro utilizes its device software and management platform in the Managed Wi-Fi Mesh solution to significantly improve flexibility for operators. The solution is capable of being deployed behind a legacy router with full manageability, or deployed as a fully integrated home network, during which the router acts as an active mesh node to further improve cost-savings for telecom operators.

“Mesh networks are primed for widespread adoption as a means to eliminate connectivity dead-zones and better meet the demands of modern consumers and smart homes,” said Michael Gustavsson, vice president, products and services, Seliro. “Integrating our software with the Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform allows our company to offer this new and highly attractive technology as a managed solution for our clients.”

Seliro has already integrated the solution with select hardware vendors and other relevant eco-system partners. The first commercial launch by an operator client with the Seliro Managed Wi-Fi Mesh solution is forthcoming.

“Qualcomm and Seliro have further emphasized Wi-Fi mesh as a networking architecture ready for broad industry deployment,” said Irvind Ghai, vice president, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm Mesh Networking Platform will support Seliro to help ensure that its managed solution is aligned with the ongoing standardization efforts by the Wi-Fi Alliance as well.”


For further information, please contact:

Michael Gustavsson, VP Products & Services at Seliro, Phone: +46 8 572 386 74, E-mail:

Meet us at Broadband World Forum in Berlin on October 23rd-25th 2018, booth E123.

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