Managed Wi-Fi Mesh

What is it?

Seliro Wi-Fi Mesh management solution is the result of integrating our device software platform, ENSEMBLE, with Qualcomm® Mesh Networking Platform (SON) and developing management capabilities in our Device and IoT Management Platform, MAESTRO.

How does it work?

The solution is based on open standards, enabling Operators to perform the complete management of mesh nodes via TR-069 and TR-181. Our device software platform, ENSEMBLE, enables the full usage of Qualcomm® SON Self -Configuring, -Managing, -Healing and -Defending, resulting in a powerful corner to corner coverage. Other characteristics to provide a perfect Wi-Fi solution include features such as load balancing, band steering and seamless handover. Other features to provide a perfect Wi-Fi solution include load balancing, band steering and seamless handover.

With MAESTRO Device and IoT Management Platform the Operator can configure and monitor mesh nodes and have the full control and visibility of the end-user mesh network. This enables personalized support for end user and to introduce new innovative services for Smart Home and IoT. Seliro Wi-Fi Mesh management solution enhances user self-control and self-care. The features include; a home network map, Wi-Fi diagnostics such as interference, signal strengths and link status information; eliminating the need for separate Wi-Fi cloud monitoring solution. Seliro Wi-Fi Mesh management works out of the box!

Operator and End-user benefits:

  • Optimal Plug & Play home Wi-Fi Mesh setup & activation.
  • Self-Care capabilities reducing number of helpdesk calls.
  • Increased quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS) reducing churn.
  • Additional services and Smart home solutions, generating new revenue streams.
  • Operational efficiency, reduced support- and service costs.
  • Qualcomm SON platform bringing best in class Wi-Fi coverage and performance.