We optimize software packages for all perspectives

Solutions for the connected home

Seliro designs and develops software solutions for smart connected homes. The software solution portfolio, Ensemble, address products such as Wi-Fi routersWi-Fi extendersmesh systems, and fiber termination boxes. Our software solutions optimize the performance of the devices and enable them to host third party applications. We also offer a monitoring and management software smart home devices called Maestro ACS (Automated Configuration Server).


Device software and management solutions

Our customers of Ensemble and Maestro ACS are manufacturers of smart home devices (ODMs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). By having design and development of device software as well as management solutions under the same roofSeliro solutions are optimized software packages from all perspectives: ODM, ISP network operations, ISP Customer Care, and consumers

Ensemble is optimized to work on chipset from multiple chipset vendorsat different pricepoints, and a variety of access methods. ODMs and ISPs using Seliro software solutions can manufacture and deploy devices from high end to low end with customized feature sets for different needs and use cases.

The Maestro ACS is a monitoring and device management system, supporting standard gateways and smart devices in the digital home. It provides one single interface to manage all consumer devices, enabling fast upgrades of the installed base and facilitating fault detection on both network and device level. Insightful consumer support and user data will enable smooth customer relations and continuous business growth.

Worldwide reach

Throughout the full life cycle of the software solutions, Seliro offers extensive support including service hosting. 
Today Seliro has customers and operations in three out of five regions in the world, serving millions of homes with smart home software easy and efficient to use, and to monitor and manage. 

Open Source

Seliro AB values the open source community, and the fundaments of sharing and collaborating. Seliro use selected parts of open source code in its solutions and honor the different license models used by these distributions.


The Seliro business springs from Tilgin. Tilgin has for more than 20 years successfully offered full stack Wi-Fi and smart home solutions to ISPs worldwide. In 2018 the management of Tilgin decided that the high quality, flexible software in Tilgin solutions could benefit many more if offered separately. This turned out to be true for ODMs outsourcing software development as we all as communication service providers striving to have more control of their connected home software and thus the service offering and service quality. Seliro was born, and all software asset ownerships in Tilgin was moved into the new company. 

From 2018 Tilgin have focussed on full stack smart home devices, whereas Seliro is sole supplier of software. By combining the skills from product design, supply chain optimization, vendor design and manufacturing skills, market knowledge and the Seliro software, Tilgin offers one of the markets best full stack solutions to ISPs. 

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