Company information

Long term partners behind success story

We are honored to have visionary investors as our long term partners. M2J Holding AB has owned the Seliro group for over ten years.  M2J Holding AB is owned by three investors: M.G.A. Holding AB, Pelago Venture Partners AB and Nya Jorame Holding AB.

The Seliro group consist of Seliro AB with subsidiary Tilgin AB.

AAA rated company

Seliro belongs to the exclusive group of companies that have an AAA rating in Soliditet’s credit rating system. Only 2.93% of all Swedish companies have received the highest credit rating. Our rating provides a clear picture of Seliros’ growth rate and profitability.

“A strong recognition of our dedicated work to provide innovative software solutions for everyone’s need and right to have good connectivity in their homes. Today we enable millions of homes with managed and monitored Wi-Fi, many more to come”
Kajsa Arvidsson, CEO Seliro

Solidity’s credit rating is based on a well-proven set of rules with over 2,400 decision points. It is presented in a clear model in six steps from AAA (highest credit rating) to C (credit advised against). If you want to read more about Soliditet’s credit rating system, you can do so at