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The causes of bad Wi-Fi – and why this is a problem for communication service providers

According to countless studies, being able to access Wi-Fi is considered highly important to us. It is even said to be completely essential to our everyday life. To most people getting access to Wi-Fi is also roughly the same thing as having a functioning Internet connection. Wrong as this may be, CSPs are therefore often blamed when the Wi-Fi connection falters. So, … Read More

New and increased use of OTT services call for better Wi-Fi

In an ever-growing connected home market, providers of smart products and online services – OTT players – are thriving. But as the number of users and connected devices throughout the home increases, the need for a better Wi-Fi connection throughout the entire home is becoming more important than … Read More

Why retail Wi-Fi products poses a threat to CSPs’ customer experience

In the age of the smart home, Wi-Fi coverage is everything. The CSPs’ responsibility, however, too often ends with just ensuring the Internet connection is up and running. How well the end customer has set up their Wi-Fi and what products they use is none of their … Read More

Perfect wifi is attainable

“Perfekt wifi är inte längre en utopi” Seliro has an article published in “Innovation Sverige” on the topic of that perfect WIFI is now attainable and urgently needed in the home. The Covid crisis has shown that perfect WIFI is … Read More