Smooth build of the smart connected home

An ecosystem for the smart home

Consumers want reliable and safe Wi-Fi in every room and for every relevant device. That established, well supported, its time to offer smooth build of the smart connected home. As no company alone will be able to meet all the requirements and needs of all markets and segments, the smart connected home, applications, appliances, and services must be provided by a huge ecosystem. A huge ecosystem enabled to supply and enable the applications, appliances, and services, effortless.


Value add application provider

Seize the full opportunity of the Seliro software and SDK platform

Chipset and hardware supplier

Benefit from the Seliro software solutions for connected home devices


How customer service needs to evolve to cover the needs for the connected home market

During the last few years, the connected home has grown and become increasingly more complex with more smart devices and a larger need for...

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IT security for the home office – a challenge for companies, an opportunity for CPSs

The ongoing pandemic has brought about a transformation in the way we work. As the virus spread, forcing the world to go into lockdown,...

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The benefits of a managed Wi-Fi mesh solution

One of the most common problems with Wi-Fi is losing signal around the house. Luckily, communication service provides (CSPs) can help customers eradicate such...

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