Device Software Platform

The Seliro device software platform is a powerful and multi-faceted software suite for devices physically placed at end-user premises.
It enables delivery of virtually any operator managed service, and appears in different shapes depending on which device type and application scenario that shall be powered:

  • Standard broadband gateway devices
  • Hybrid Access Gateway,
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh extender devices, or
  • IoT Smart Hubs and IoT applications

In all cases, the Seliro device software platform allows full monitoring and pro-active management by the operator, as well as easy management access for the end-user.


►Triple play services

►VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT

►Wi-Fi hotspot

►Secure access to home network

►Operator managed services

►Operator tools for subscriber care


►Well-proven carrier grade software

►Multiple certifications

►Supports all established 3-play services and additional advanced features, e.g. state-of-the-art security & control

►Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses

►High reliability & rich feature set increases end-user satisfaction

►Hardware agnostic

ENSEMBLE Hybrid Acess Gateway


►Support various access technologies, including xDSL, G.Fast, Ethernet and LTE

►Traffic path based on criteria’s such as throughput, services, quality, congestion

►Algorithms supporting primary first and load balancing

►Simultaneous MPTCP and TCP capability

►Cooperation with Intel and infrastructure HAG providers


►Better connection robustness & flexibility through automatic utilization & prioritization of available connections within the same physical device

►Greater transmission speeds through simultaneous use of parallel connections

►Hybrid Access feature deeply integrated into Router firmware; ensures reliability & compatibility

►Redirect traffic in not fully utilized networks

ENSEMBLE Wi-Fi MeshFeatures

►Wi-Fi extender and video bridge capability with legacy routers

►Full mesh capability behind legacy routers

►Full mesh capability in Ensemble gateway software

►Plug and play provisioning

►Placement guidance

►Committed to Easy Mesh standardization

►Open standard Operator managed solution


►The Operator’s natural entry point into IoT

►”Wi-Fi performance as-a-Service” – WaaS

►Automatic initiation & configuration minimizes Operator and End-User efforts

Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses

►Hardware agnostic


►SDK for 3-party software integration

►Open standards API based on OCF, Open Connectivity Foundation

►Hardware agnostic solution supporting: ULE, ZigBee, ZWAVE, BLE and Wi-Fi

►3-party carrier grade Security integrated: Trend Micro, SAM

►Operator managed solution via Open standards


►Fundament for seamless interoperability & compatibility between IoT devices and services of different standards, protocols and vendors

►New strong service offering & revenue possibilities for Operators

►Enables IoT & Smart Home services to the End-User mass market – with vetting & full support from the Operator

►Excellent tool to build End-User satisfaction and loyalty

►Strengthening Operator brand image

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