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How customer service needs to evolve to cover the needs for the connected home market

During the last few years, the connected home has grown and become increasingly more complex with more smart devices and a larger need for...

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IT security for the home office – a challenge for companies, an opportunity for CPSs

The ongoing pandemic has brought about a transformation in the way we work. As the virus spread, forcing the world to go into lockdown,...

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The benefits of a managed Wi-Fi mesh solution

One of the most common problems with Wi-Fi is losing signal around the house. Luckily, communication service provides (CSPs) can help customers eradicate such...

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Why retail products for smart Wi-Fi poses a threat to CSPs’ customer experience

In the age of the smart home, Wi-Fi coverage is everything. The CSPs’ responsibility, however, too often ends with just ensuring the Internet...

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Expert interview: How to deal with Wi-Fi issues during the pandemic

The global pandemic has turned life upside down for each and every one of us. For many, working and studying from home has become the norm, which...

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Maximizing value when launching new Wi-Fi solutions

Many CSPs are looking into the possibilities of developing their business by offering products, features and services that will improve...

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The vendor dilemma: risks and possibilities

When sourcing smart home premises equipment, choosing a strategy to go with either one or multiple vendors is often a dilemma. Both options...

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6 ways to avoid more calls to customer services when introducing a new Wi-Fi solution

Introducing additional products, services, and solutions for your customers, that improve the user experience, can be a great way for CSPs to...

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Mickey Mouse and Ironman bring magic to HKBN’s home Wi-Fi experience

HKBN Group is a leading telecom and technology solutions company, serving 1 in 3 families and 1 in 2 active companies in Hong Kong, with broadband...

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