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Device & IoT Management Platform

MAESTRO is more than an ACS or a TR-069 device management platform.
Our Device & IoT Management Platform is a secure, unified and comprehensive software based management platform.

Maestro addresses all operator management needs in delivering broadband, Wi-Fi and IoT services to end-users.


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Key functions:

  • Management of a multitude of device types, such as standard broadband gateways, Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh extenders, IoT Smart Hubs and  IoT Smart Home devices, e.g. sensors, lights, utilities, cameras etc.,
  •  Managed Wi-Fi and Managed Wi-Fi Mesh with monitoring, troubleshooting tools and home network map including status and signal strength.
  • Allows seamless and secure integration with IoT cloud services, operator OSS/BSS, subscriber apps and support portals.
  • Intelligent configuration management for managing multi-vertical connected home environment.
  • Run remote diagnostics and visualise subscriber network of devices and services for efficient helpdesk and support.
  • Monitor, store, analyse and provide easy access to surrounding sub-systems.
  • Automate provisioning and support tasks in an easy and flexible way.
  • Proactive alarms allow instant awareness of end-user issues and triggering of automatic resolution policies.
  • Customisable dashboard providing complete deployment visibility.

Operational Benefits

  • Minimize initial subscriber service activation and support efforts.

  • Remove complexity in internal processes by system integration and automation.

  • Get deeper insights into end-user behaviour to enhance strategy development.

Commercial Benefits

  • Build new recurring revenue streams through new service offerings.

  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce support & service costs.

  • Seamless end-user service experience, ensures significant reduction in churn.

  • Enhanced standardised Wi-Fi Mesh management capabilities eliminating the need for propriety expensive solution.

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Maestro turns the IoT Connected Home vision into reality with minimum integration efforts and investment. Its scalable and flexible architecture is capable of managing and monitoring large-scale, multi-vendor deployments, leveraging complete support for standard management protocols. Together with eco-system partner solutions, the Seliro management platform enables service providers to offer innovative, customized and easy-to-use smart services with a truly seamless IoT experience for end-users.

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