Can connectivity solve world problems? Takeaways from Act for Impact Day Barcelona

by Marika Henriksson

At the Act for Impact Day Barcelona on June 30, founders and CEOs from Seliro and other renowned companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Telefónica, Einride, and TechBuddy discussed digital access, climate change, and workplace inclusion, which ended up in 5 important takeaways.

kajsa arvidsson ceo seliroOne of the takeaways was if Covid-19 was good or bad for equality in the workplace, where Kajsa Arvidsson, CEO of  Seliro gave her point of view:

She believes that the pandemic has offered new opportunities and access to remote workplaces which has allowed workplaces to step 10 years into the future. On the other hand, this has also exacerbated that professional women globally were confined to the house, increasing the pressures of carrying out the ‘second shift’ of household labour and parenthood duties.

Kajsa emphasized the importance of tech companies’ responsibility to make a concerted effort to make sure their female employees don’t fall behind.

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To read more about Kajsa’s presentation and find out more about the other 4 takeaways, take part in the full article by Poppy Koronka: How can connectivity solve world problems? 5 takeaways from Acto for Impact Day Barcelona


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