About Us

Our Mission

Seliro – A new name in the game, yet already from the start packed with extensive experience from the Swedish telecom & broadband industry!

Our team has a long history of successfully providing broadband products to telecom operators all over the world. Take that experience, combine it with new insights and innovative thinking, and you have Seliro.

Seliro thus operates from a uniquely strong position when it comes to providing first class software for telecom operators, system integrators and ODMs, enabling new networking and IoT related business offerings to end-users.

Our business focus lies purely on the development software that enables operators to effectively deploy, deliver and manage virtually any type of end-user device & service. Key areas of attention are “Perfect Wi-Fi” realized through managed Mesh solutions, IoT and Smart Home as well as traditional broadband gateways & services.

And guess what! These things are already commercially available!

We work in close strategic partnership with some of the most skilled companies in the world, jointly helping operators and end-users to embark on their respective IoT and Smart Home journeys.

Seliro Eco-system