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Powering and managing ‘IoT Smart Hubs’, ‘Wi-Fi Mesh units’ and ‘Broadband Gateways’.


Device Software Platform


Device & IoT Management Platform


Device Software Platform

The Seliro device software platform is a powerful and multi-faceted software suite for devices physically placed at end-user premises.  It enables delivery of virtually any operator managed service, and appears in different shapes depending on which device type and application scenario that shall be powered:

  • Standard broadband gateway devices
  • Hybrid Access Gateway,
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh extender devices, or
  • IoT Smart Hubs and IoT applications

In all cases, the Seliro device software platform allows full monitoring and pro-active management by the operator, as well as easy management access for the end-user.


►Triple play services

►VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT

►Wi-Fi hotspot

►Secure access to home network

►Operator managed services

►Operator tools for subscriber care


►Well-proven carrier grade software

►Multiple certifications

►Supports all established 3-play services and additional advanced features, e.g. state-of-the-art security & control

►Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses

►High reliability & rich feature set increases end-user satisfaction

►Hardware agnostic

ENSEMBLE Hybrid Acess Gateway


►Support various access technologies, including xDSL, G.Fast, Ethernet and LTE

►Traffic path based on criteria’s such as throughput, services, quality, congestion

►Algorithms supporting primary first and load balancing

►Simultaneous MPTCP and TCP capability

►Cooperation with Intel and infrastructure HAG providers


►Better connection robustness & flexibility through automatic utilization & prioritization of available connections within the same physical device

►Greater transmission speeds through simultaneous use of parallel connections

►Hybrid Access feature deeply integrated into Router firmware; ensures reliability & compatibility

►Redirect traffic in not fully utilized networks

ENSEMBLE Wi-Fi MeshFeatures

►Wi-Fi extender and video bridge capability with legacy routers

►Full mesh capability behind legacy routers

►Full mesh capability in Ensemble gateway software

►Plug and play provisioning

►Placement guidance

►Committed to Easy Mesh standardization

►Open standard Operator managed solution


►The Operator’s natural entry point into IoT

►”Wi-Fi performance as-a-Service” – WaaS

►Automatic initiation & configuration minimizes Operator and End-User efforts

►Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses

►Hardware agnostic


►SDK for 3-party software integration

►Open standards API based on OCF, Open Connectivity Foundation

►Hardware agnostic solution supporting: ULE, ZigBee, ZWAVE, BLE and Wi-Fi

►3-party carrier grade Security integrated: Trend Micro, SAM

►Operator managed solution via Open


►Fundament for seamless interoperability & compatibility between IoT devices and services of different standards, protocols and vendors

►New strong service offering & revenue possibilities for Operators

►Enables IoT & Smart Home services to the End-User mass market – with vetting & full support from the Operator

►Excellent tool to build End-User satisfaction and loyalty

►Strengthening Operator brand image


Device & IoT Management Platform

Our Device & IoT Management Platform is a secure, unified and comprehensive software based management platform that addresses all operator management needs in delivering broadband, Wi-Fi and IoT services to end-users.

The platform can be used to manage a multitude of device types, such as:

  • Advanced Wi-Fi Mesh extenders,
  • IoT Smart Hubs,
  • IoT Smart Home devices, e.g. sensors, lights, utilities, cameras etc,
  • Standard broadband gateways, and
  • “All-in-one” broadband gateway + IoT + Mesh devices. 

The management platform turns the IoT Connected Home vision into reality with minimum integration efforts and investment. Its scalable and flexible architecture is capable of managing and monitoring large-scale, multi-vendor deployments, leveraging complete support for standard management protocols. Together with eco-system partner solutions, the Seliro management platform enables service providers to offer innovative, customized and easy-to-use smart services with a truly seamless IoT experience for end-users.

With its intuitive and powerful capabilities, the Seliro management platform addresses not only the needs of operators, but also the needs of system integrators and ODMs/OEMs who wish to exploit new opportunities with operators, and especially those arising with the dawning IoT era.

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