Value Proposition

Values brought to Broadband and Mobile Operators

Seliro brings a “Smörgåsbord” of opportunities to ambitious operators. 

Most importantly, Seliro helps operators to increase end-user satisfaction & loyalty and to harvest new revenue streams & business models.

This is achieved thanks to Seliro solutions that provide the possibility for operators to step up and take a new, more significant, position in the life of end-users by

  • offering them access to new innovative and service offerings, e.g. IoT Smart Home services and Mesh-based “perfect Wi-Fi coverage”, and
  • through the ability to provide outstanding, pro-active, customer support thanks to a full-fledged end-to-end management platform.

Additionally, Seliro solutions will help operators in more ways, such as increasing competitiveness, i.e. to expand market share, and to significantly reduce OPEX related to customer support activities.

All in all, Seliro brings higher revenue and higher profitability to any future oriented service provider and helps to improve the lives of end-users!

The End-user perspective

End-users can already today find a significant number of devices and services on the market which are meant to improve their connected lives. However, there is a lot of fragmentation both when it comes to product technologies & services as well as to who offers and supports the various products & services.

The vast majority of prospective end-users would certainly be helped a lot if operators would take on the mission to build stronger end-user relations. One way of doing this is by packaging innovative services with relevant physical devices and, importantly, a strong, “all-inclusive”, end-user support offering. This would take away most of the pain points associated with today’s emerging Wi-Fi Mesh and Smart Home IoT solutions, including eliminating the need for “being a bit of a hacker” to get it working.

Future oriented operators joining forces with Seliro can thus start to offer end-users instant access to attractive, life improving, readily packaged, fully managed and fully supported services. In practice, this means that end-users will:

  • Be able to enjoy “perfect Wi-Fi coverage” thanks to a fully managed and automatically monitored Mesh solution.
  • Have access to all the relevant platforms and features needed to run just about any conceivable Smart-Home IoT service.
  • Have the full support of the operator who, both pro-actively and re-actively, deals with any type of performance or other technical or service issue. 

This constitutes a recipe for improved end-user happiness, loyalty and, as a result, likely increased engagement over time.