Software solutions for smart home gateways,

mesh extenders, IOT devices and value add services.

A multi vendor strategy for hardware

Service Providers have a unique position to develop their position in the home and offer great connected home services and experiences. As the connected home is not one segment, but multiple, a unified controllable software independent of hardware is a must. To separate software from hardware – software/hardware de-coupling – is a strong trend in today’s gateway market.

Seliro Ensemble is as the name indicates a software that can run on a variety of different hardware platforms and make them act as a unity.


Pick and choose functionality

Ensemble comes in a number of standard configurations as well as customized to suit specific customer requirements.

Key elements in Ensemble:

  • Operator management in focus
  • Certified and qualified by large operators
  • Hardware and access technology agnostic
  • Built around open standards
  • Open for integration of third-party applications
  • Mesh capable
  • Triple play services
  • VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT
  • Wi-Fi hotspot

Dynamic and proven

Ensemble software is deployed and in use on multiple vendors chipsets (SoC) and CPE manufacturers hardware. Ensemble is deployed in many markets and operator networks, from Hong Kong to Middle East and Europe.  Ensemble SDK for 3PP applications and services has been available since 2016. First attracting mainly cyber security providers, but now quickly increasing in importance as connected home business develops into smart connected homes where user experience is in focus and TTM and TCO are critical.

The Ensemble software suite

Here are technical details of Ensemble
  • Triple play services
  • VoIP over IP supporting POTS and DECT
  • Wi-fi hotspot
  • Well-proven carrier grade software
  • Operator managed services
  • Operator tools for subscriber care
  • Multiple certifications
  • Supports all established 3-play services and additional advanced features, e.g. state-of-the-art security & control
  • Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses
  • High reliability & rich feature set increases end-user satisfaction
  • Secure access to home network
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Wi-fi extender and video bridge capability with legacy routers
  • Full mesh capability behind legacy routers
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Plug and play provisioning
  • Placement guidance
  • Committed to Easy Mesh standardization
  • Open standard Operator managed solution
  • The Operator’s natural entry point into IoT
  • ”Wi-Fi performance as-a-Service” – WaaS
  • Automatic initiation & configuration minimizes Operator and End-User efforts
  • Full operator manageability enables efficient operational procedures and optimizes end-user support responses

Seliro has been very forthcoming – great communication and always eager to identify and take responsibility for what needs doing.

Mathias Utterström

The great opportunity of the connected smart home can only be captured if you control the software.


As we provide equipment that can be managed remotely, we can offer our customers better quality of service from end to end.

Rex WM Hui

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If you already have Ensemble- now what?

Managed Wi-Fi mesh

Our managed Wi-Fi mesh delivers a full-service internet access that exceeds the expectations of broadband subscribers. Thanks to the leading Qualcomm SON-platform combined with Seliro Ensemble device software the consumer will get ease-of-use, stability, speed and coverage.


Explore Maestro ACS, our CPE management system. It spans the complete CPE lifecycle for a multitude of device types in home network environments. This includes standard broadband gateways from any vendor, advanced Wi-Fi mesh extenders and residential platforms for IoT functionality.


We offer services to operators and partners, covering the full life cycle of our products and at all stages of service development and deployment.
We also offer operational support, customize products and support integration of third party software, applications and services.